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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Step up to the Plate

First off - an apology / an excuse / an omission of guilt....  So - yes the new country, the flat hunting, the lack of wifi (yet), the new job, the exploration of a new culture, and my overall lack of blog-ammittment have meant I have been rather lax/tardy/shocking with keeping my blog up to date - so from the bottom of Omani sunrise (as I wait here to head into work) - I am sorry.  Hopefully (not a term you should be using in sports really - masters of our own destiny that we are you know) - hopefully I will make sure I update more regularly.  So- onward compadres.......
As someone (possibly fictional) once said - “With great power, comes great responsibility” and this can never be more true than in the business  of leading sports.  Now for sure every business leader should accept a personal responsibility - should have an inner drive that means he (other sex leaders are available) is motivated to be “the leader” of his organization and that organizations’s failure should be seen as a reflection on him/her as a leader.