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Friday, 28 January 2011


A few years ago I remember chatting to a mate about how websites would become more and more personalized (or indeed were already).  Think Amazon knowing that you buy John Denver DVD’s and recommending Johnny Cash as your next purchase option.
We wondered how we could take that progression into our sports clubs - as for sure there is a belief that you need to give people what they want (see earlier blog) - and as personalization becomes more and more available.
Unfortunately - my club’s resources prevented any real progression in my then role, and it seems that the sports industry as a whole has failed to make much effort to follow these trends - with bland belief that supporters will just ‘support’.

No I in TEAM

We (that’s you and me) are often told that there is no “I in team”....  This well-worn phrase is used to highlight the importance of the team to the club or indeed to the team....!!  Individuals are educated to understate their own individual importance but more to focus on their collective input to the whole.  Neat huh!!!
Recent events (and a few from a more historical time) may well however give that particular saying the ‘boot’.  Let’s have a look....