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Friday, 23 March 2012

There is a Bounty on your Soul

There’s a Fine Line in Love and Sports

The recent ‘outing’ of the New Orleans Saints bounty Programme (if you have not heard about it – basically players were given bonuses to deliberately ‘take out’ opposition players – often named star individuals) is another in the increasing occurrences of the blurring of the line between the win at all costs attitude that is common in professional sports, and the reason why we all started sports in the first place – it is Fun.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Is this the most powerful word in the Sporting language???

Think about it….  How do you react to a negative compared to how you react to a positive….???

Putting aside the fact that what everyone should be striving for is to “not react” ideally – but to pro-act – to be ready / to have planned out all outcomes, to know what you are doing at all times etc etc (if only eh!) – hearing the word “NO” really does drive you more than yes I feel….

Saturday, 3 March 2012

What a Day

Well – almost a week has passed and I can just about find time / the words to describe the events of Oman vs Thailand.  For those that don’t know (and you must have been wearing ear plugs – the noise generated would surely have traversed the globe) – Oman moved to the final stages of qualification for the FIFA world Cup in Rio 2014.  Given their past results in this process – this was a BIG day for Oman

And hence (in my job) a BIG day for me.  And believe me it was an awesome experience.