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Friday, 28 January 2011

No I in TEAM

We (that’s you and me) are often told that there is no “I in team”....  This well-worn phrase is used to highlight the importance of the team to the club or indeed to the team....!!  Individuals are educated to understate their own individual importance but more to focus on their collective input to the whole.  Neat huh!!!
Recent events (and a few from a more historical time) may well however give that particular saying the ‘boot’.  Let’s have a look....
When Rex Ryan (of the New York Jets) made his team’s play-off game ‘all about him’ - he made a conscious effort (certainly publicly) to show that there certainly was a very big “I” in the team.  The Jet’s subsequent win over the Pats maybe made him (and us) believe that one man (or woman of course - especially maybe Karen!) can make a team.
With Greg Inglis (a couple of ‘i’s there) garnering more column inches than even Hollywood star Russell Crowe with his move to the Bunnies - surely his is now becoming a team where his presence will guarantee the Premiership Flag.  Arsene Wenger of the Arsenal ‘Invincibles’ (plenty of I’s again - is this a trend) is one pretty impressive individual (as all the clippings tell us) - who has fashioned a club into his own vision.
And Wayne Bennett took the Illawara team (note the CAPITAL I) to the title just a year into his appointment to the role.
Some powerful folk there and all of course very important to their own teams.......
But for me, and Wayne himself agrees (or at least his book does!) - the most important person at any Club - and hence the one most likely to be the “I” - is the one at the top of the corporate tree (read on to see the Reveal).
As CEO’s (or Executive Chairs) - we know that to meld a a Club into a long lasting (and impactful) success - it is each and every component part that needs to function at maximum efficiency and capability.  For sure, it is great to have a franchise player (to sell shirts or sponsorship OR to make the killer pass), and if you bag a great coach - then keep hold of them (because for sure an individual can have a very negative impact on a team) - but true growth, true success and true victory comes from the team (or the Club) performing to its peak.
So, as CEOs - we work hard on each and every facet of the Club.  We want the right players to play well, we need the right coach to lead the team (and he will pick the right captain or leadership group - so we need some individuals there).  We need the right sales staff to close the deals, the right ticketing and service staff to keep our fans happy, and we sure as eggs could do with a crack hot set of financial managers to look after the bank and our cash.
The only “I” you need to worry about then is to make sure that the leader at the top of the tree (that’s you!) - makes good decisions choosing the other individuals and looks after the team to fit them all in (and happy....).    As the leader goes - so goes the rest of the team/club/set of individuals (no pressure there then champ!).
And PS (in case you have not been paying attention) - Rex’s Jets lost the next game!!!

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