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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Nic is #ComingtoAmerica

Coming 2 America - what’s it all about......
So - I dragged you here with all manner of new fangled techno-tactic methodology - I have hijacked the normally sports-centric blog with "personal stuff" - I had better explain what is going on......  Go get a cup of tea, put your feet up and relax - this will take a few minutes.....
I want a job...!! (there - easy - now we all know what is going on)
As much energy as this guy
I have recently landed in US with my lovely New Yorker wife and need/want/crave to find employment so that we can settle and start a new life together stateside.
I spent 10+ years working in some of the Top professional sports teams in the UK (as the CEO) and really want to follow the same path over in the States.  (If you want to learn more stuff about me - then the below will explain how you can learn...)
But rather than follow the simple route of applying for jobs that take my fancy (which I will also be doing) - I thought it a grand idea to try to make a bit of a splash in the sports market place over in the USA.  After all - us Brits are always told that Americans are more brash and showy - so here I am showing off.....
I have a number of different strings to my ‘job hunting’ bow - and believe it or not - you can help.  A simple (yet extremely effective) explanation of what’s going on - piece by piece is below.  I thank you enormously in advance for any assistance that you can give - and I will be using this blog to keep you up to date wit my progress - as well as my US-education.....
The smarts of
this gal....
  • Nic’s Online Video Resume - located here - on this micro site (go on - have a look) - there are videos of me chatting about myself (brash) and about my achievements (showing off).  My Resume, references and links to other cool (!!) stuff are also available on the site.  It’s kind of like a really amazing Youtube all about me - yaaaaaaahhhhh!!
  • #ComingtoAmerica twitter stream - this is the ‘fingers x’d one.....  In keeping with my logo (See above) - I am using this twitter hash tag to interact with the folk on twitter.  ComingtoAmerica is a popular topic and I want to use it to get tips on life in American in general.  Food / Music / Life / Sports / etc - I will be asking questions as often as twitter will let me....  And in the meantime - hopefully some of the interest will rub off on my own ComingtoAmerica aspirations (job hunt wise).....
  • Contacts - this is the key part....  All the above is like throwing a fistful of pebbles at a cup of water and hoping that one of the pebbles lands direct....  If I can use my existing contacts (and new contacts) along the way - then my strategy will be picking up the pebble and placing it into the cup myself....  I am getting in touch with everyone I know to try to introduce me to people of influence in the US sports market place.  Of course, when they see all the ‘pebbley’ stuff going on around me - they can’t fail to be uber-impressed!!!
  • Facebook / Linked in /Twitter / Any others ones I can find - I will be updating all with the relevant message.  I plan not to get too carried away (no-one likes a show off, no wait - everyone likes a show off on this side of the Atlantic - reminder to self - start showing off) - but hope to keep your interest going for however long it takes.
As adaptable as
Insp Gadget
HOW can YOU help....???
  • Anyone that you know who you think might get me closer to that ‘pebble-cup’ - send ‘em my way.  Or share my bright shiny brash stuff (the Video website) with them...
  • When (and if) you get a direct contact from me - please pass on my details to anyone you think might be interested...  If you don’t hear from me direct - it’s coz I know a lot of people - and I will get to you.... (you can always contact me first if you want)
  • Get involved with the #ComingtoAmerica stuff - your ideas will undoubtedly be good - let me know (via Twitter and this blog) what stuff you want to hear about, your thoughts on life in USA, and any questions you think I should be looking for the answers for....  The more people I can involve, the quicker I will hit my targets.
OK - got it???

Have a nice day.....

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