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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Starting new in USA

Well, a big Howdy Doody welcome to y'all

Welcome to one of the first of my new “Coming to America” blog.......  As I sit here counting down the days till receipt
(hopefully / fingers crossed / please nice Mr Visa guy/gal) of my ‘right to work’ documentation - I am at a pretty exciting 
stage in life.....    The whole of America (though it is faced with a few problems currently) to go at, the motivated (and 
motivating) American population to interact with - it’s the land of opportunity, of milk and of honey (and plenty more 
packaged products)....  I can’t wait to get started....

This blog is going to be about my education into American society, about my thoughts as to what life is like in the big ‘ole 
US of A, and about how my family and I get settled over our first few months.
Dependent on how it all goes with the Green Card - and you hope that after 5 years of relationship, 4 years of marriage, 
trekking around 5 different continents together (SA and Ant to go) - that it should all go pretty smoothy - I would hope to 
keep the blog going on and on and on......
We have left a lot of good friends and family behind in the UK - and a blog is a great way to stay in touch (as part 
of a multi faceted communications strategy of course) - we enjoyed writing our travel blog for sure (missed out - 
check in here).  Life was good back in England/Scotland (delete based on year) - with an enjoyable job, a nice 
standard of living, plenty of folk to keep the engine running.....
Some UK (and further afield) friends
But as 'The The' once said - “Life’s what you make it” (eagle eyed viewers will 
note the 2nd use of this song in my blogging career....  not sure what it means 
but well done) - so we have committed to the Western side of the Atlantic.  Over 
here we have our American family and a quickly growing group of mates - with 
plenty more to come for sure.....
Steph has started work, whilst Nic is embarking on his own job hunt armada....  
Which (if I am being really, really honest - and for those that know me, I do favor 
the honest route), is probably the main reason for this blog...
The last 12 (or so) years in UK, I have worked for companies that have given me 
real pleasure.  I love working in sports, more importantly I love having the opportunity to influence, to lead, to inspire, and 
to deliver impact in the business of sports.  I want to be able to do the same over here - in an alien (ish), new (definitely) 
and different culture/market place.
To do this - I need to set myself out as a champ among men, I need to show that I am a little bit special.  I need to bring 
myself to the attention of the existing decision makers in the United States - so that they see me, they want me (to come 
work for them), and they give me a call!!!!!
To that end - my job hunt is going to include all manner of media, a veritable vegetable patch of interesting (most of the 
time) strategies....  I am planning of using my friends to help me - if only be suggesting new ways I can use to promote 
The #comingtoamerica line is sitting right across my efforts - and I want to hear about what you want to hear about....  You can sit right next to me in my ‘drive’ around a new life in USA - and this time - back seat drivers are welcome.....
In the meantime - enjoy your day, wherever you may be...
Forewarning notes - 
  • from here on in - the spelling of all words will be Americanized - I got to 
  • start somewhere.  My accent still needs a bit of work, but I am planning a 
2 week intensive course in Arkansas some time.
  • apologies in advance for any 'stereotyping' faux pas's....  What with the 
whole Englishness, and then the Americanness - there might be a slip 
from time to time. 

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