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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Snow White and the 8 characters

Show White and the Seven Steps to a new Job
This item is inspired by the ‘Joke of the Fringe Festival’ (thanks to Marty M for on the ground reporting in Edinburgh)
....."I was on the internet the other day and one site asked me for a password made up of 8 characters, so i typed in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!"......
Now having used the fantastical Snow W in an earlier blog - I thought it was about time we wheeled her out again.

Those of you who have been following - will be aware that I am in the market for a job.  You will be less aware that I have taken on a crack team of seven (would you believe) recruitment experts to assist with the job hunt.  I have great pleasure in introducing them / their odd ‘one-word’ names / and their particular expertises below...
Doc - this chap has years of training in the field, and is one of my key advisers.  It is his role to ensure that every action I take is pre-meditated, planned out, and follows the systems.  He is keeping my applications healthy (no tie-poes / no speeling meestakes etc)
Sleepy - this guy sleeps so that I don’t need to.  It is a 24/7 effort to ensure I do all that I can to best present myself.  America is a big place with lots of organsiations to speak to - no rest for the sleepers!!
Sneezy - with Doc around, this guy does not get much of a look in.  Poor little bearded fella....
Dopey - no stupid mistakes is this guy’s mantra.  He drums it into me daily.  Stand back, take a long hard look at what you are doing - and cut out the errors...  I think he is related to Doc.
Bashful - this dude is a real mix of a character.  Sometimes he tells me “Do what I say, not what I do” - I think he wants me to try to stand out / shout about myself / be super confident.  But then he often just has a little look that says - don’t be too cocky...  The ying and yang of confidence men 
Grumpy sits on one of my shoulders - ever ready to lead the way if I feel like I am not making progress.  Whilst his twin brother ...
Happy sits gaily on the other shoulder - keeping my chin up, my pecker up (thanks to Jeff H for that saying), and generally making sure the glass is always half full.
With a team like this on my side - I am destined for greatness.
Now who wants me on their team.....
Nic is looking for work - you can watch him on his video online resume here - you can tweet with him here - or you can get in touch and offer him a great job here / here or here

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